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6 Symbols of Fertility

15th of April 2020

There are a lots of symbols and universal signs that have always been linked to fertility and femininity for centuries of centuries. These are my 6 favorites:

  1. Triple Moon Goddess 

  2. Ankh 

  3. Lotus

  4. Sun

  5. Water

  6. Lions

1.The Triple Moon Goddess symbolises the stages of a woman's life represented by the phases of the Moon. The Waxing Moon represents the Maiden, the Full Moon the Mother and the Crescent Moon the Sage.

2. The Egyptian Ankh cross stands for Eternal Life. Its form reminds of the fallopian tubes and represents the Union of Man, Woman and God. Many years later christianity started using the cross and took the female aspect ( the circle ) away. 

3. The Lotus flower grows out of the mud into its beauty and light. It stands for transformation and in christianity for fertility and piousness. In Ancient Egypt it was common to wear the scent of a lotus whenever a woman wanted to get pregnant.

4. Where there is the sun there is warmth and where is warmth there is growth. In combination with water these two elements are powerful. The vitamin D of the sun is needed to balance a womans hormones. 

5. Water is the element of the Sacral Chakra, the Chakra that holds our power of creativity, sexuality and creation. It helps a woman to connect with her soul essence. Drinking enough water is a must as well as relaxing baths to soothe the emotions every woman experiences that come like the waves of an ocean. 

6. Lions are very smart and powerful creatures. That's why they were appreciated in Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt for their majesty and their fertility. 

Blog: News and Tips
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