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Fertility & WholeSoulme Women's Health Consultation

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Activate your feminine superpower to happily & healthy conceive your goldenbaby and hold it in your arms soon

I accompany women on their journey from in-fertility to fertility, from women "issues" related illnesses to wellness: so they are as fertile, healthy and happy in ALL areas of their life!

Rise into your Wombpower and give birth to your Goldenbaby & Heart's Desires! 

ENGLISH: News and Tips

Online Belly-Dance & Stretching Classes

55€ per month, 100€ 10x card 

Mit Beckenbodenintegration tanzen wir uns glücklich und fit.

Bauch-Tanz mittwochs, 19-20 Uhr

Klassische Bauch-Tanz Bewegungen kombiniert mit Beckenbodenaktivierung für einen starken Beckenboden, geschmeidige Hüften und Fürsorge der Gesundheit in den Eierstöcken,  der Gebärmutter und den Brüsten 

Seggsy Stretching dienstags, 20-21 Uhr 

Fürsorge der Gesundheit in den Eierstöcken, Gebärmutter und Beckenboden

 Anfänger & Fortgeschrittenfreundlich

Strengthing your Feminine Health


In dieser Session dreht sich alles darum, dass Du vollkommen aus deiner Weiblichkeit und deiner Gesundheit das Beste rausholst und zukünftig schöpfen kannst. Wir gehen ungesunden Angewohnheiten auf den Grund, aktivieren und etablieren durch Jahrtausende erprobte Praktiken deine ganz persönliche Voll-Weiblichkeit. Ganz natürlich, selbstverständlich.

Releasing + Transforming  Emotional Blockages & Stress


Eine Mischung aus Energiearbeit und wirksamen Techniken, um emotionale Blockaden und Stress aus dem Körper zu lösen. "Hilfe zur Selbst-Hilfe" - Gelerntes kannst Du anschließend jederzeit alleine anwenden.

Your Yoni Steaming Plan


Ausführliche Analyse und Auswertung deines Zyklus, Erstellung eines Steaming Plans für die nächsten 3 Monate auf deine Bedürfnisse angepasst (z.B Zyklusregulierung, Scheidentrockenheit, Fruchtbarkeit usw.)  auf Wunsch auch gerne mit Bachblüten und oder passenden Kräutern

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ENGLISH: Testimonials


Madeleine not only helped me to get fertile "fast" with bellydance ( I've been trying for 2 years and got pregnant within 3 months ! ) she also provided me with lots of self-care, self love and relationship guidance. Thank you love ! 10/10 !



LOVE has been always the motivating force and motivation in my life. I can't help it but I simply LOVE seeing people who love each other happy and re-united together. One of the ultimate expressions of Love is starting a family, having a baby with the person you love - and in order for you to experience that I gladly assist you with all that I know. That is my promise to you.

It all started with my desire of wanting to be a happy and healthy woman and mother.

Since I have always been fascinated with how you can make your life as a woman feel and look beautiful and healthy I decided to become an Essence of Bellydance teacher in 2016. I have been teaching bellydance, pelvic floor and meditation in motion classes ever since parallel to my languages & cultures studies. A couple of women who had fertility problems actually became fertile and pregnant after visiting my pelvic floor classes. It is the most heartwarming feeling to see how every woman literally blossoms into her own unique beauty by consistently doing bellydance. In order for me to not fear pregnancy and birth but instead having a more knowledgable and realistic approach to it I started becoming a CBI Birth Doula. It helped me to overcome my fear and get excited even more about pregnancy and how I can help other women with the same fear to move as smoothly as possible through fertility, pregnancy and birth. I've noticed that it was the beginning of life, the becoming fertile and staying successfully pregnant which intrigued me the most and the women coming to me for help. Because the practices and knowledge I shared with them helped I knew that this was my profession and I started many women's health and fertility related studies.

Beyond the dance classes I have always been the go-to person in my friends and family circle (or with strangers who tend to share with me their whole life story out of the blue) when it comes to personal and private issues (mostly about women's "issues", love, sex). Due to my warmhearted way of being it comes natural for me to create an open, loving atmosphere in which an honest and comforting communication can take place.

​I can trust my intuition and clairvoyance and use this gift to help myself and others. I can feel what someone really needs and wants to say even if only the surface is being scratched and the depth trying to kept hidden. With this delicacy of feeling and the ancient methods I have learned through multiple studies, books and voluntary work on the Fiji islands (families have around 5 children) with the natives I warmly assist you in becoming pregnant while feeling gorgeous as the beautiful woman you are and were created to be who lives and loves in her harmony 

It is my innermost wish with my work to assist all those women looking for their more. Whether it be the desire to get pregnant naturally, unfold your full femininity, discover, activate your body and feminine spiritual potential in a new way: Whatever it is:



My Certifications

2021 Holistic Women's Health & Healing

2021 Yoni Steaming Vaginal Hydrotherapist

2021 Prenatal & Postnatal Anatomy & Physiology

2021 Female Pelvic-floor Anatomy & Physiology

2021 Fertility Yoga with IVF & other ART Babyblissyoga

2020 Fertility Yoga Level 1 & 2 BabyBlissYoga

2020 Essence of Bellydance Retraining

2019 Bachelor of Arts Languages Literature in Russian, French & Portuguese Culture  Justus-Liebig-University

2018 Love & Partnership Workshop Face Reading Academy

2018 Essence of Bellydance Retraining

2018 CBI Birth Doula

2017 Essence of Bellydance Teacher Training

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