2021 Vaginale Hydrotherapie mit Yoni Steaming

(still studying)

2021 Prenatale und Postnatale Anatomie & Physiologie

Prentale und Postnatale Anatomie & Physiologie: Wiederholung, Fallstudien, bevorzugte und zu vermeidende Yogaposen mit SIJ,SPD, Diastasis Recti, Prolapse und Beckenbodengesundheit

2021 Beckenboden Anatomie & Physiologie

-Anatomie und die Hauptfunktion des Beckens und der Beckenbodenmuskulatur


-Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Vorbeugung und Maßnahmen

-Integration des Beckenbodens 

-Richtlinien für Yogalehrer, wie man am besten mit dem Beckenboden arbeitet

2021 Fruchtbarkeitsyoga mit IVF & anderen ART Babyblissyoga

-Überblick von IVF und ART Behandlungen, sowie eventuelle Nebenwirkungen
-Auswirkungen von ART auf Frauen und Paare
-Bevorzugte Asana für Fruchtbarkeit
-Yoga für ART und deren Therapie

2020 Fruchtbarkeitsyoga Level 1 BabyBlissYoga

-Vorteile, Kontraindikation, Richtlinien und Anwendung der Yogaposen, Pranayama und Meditationen für Fruchtbarkeit 
-Yoga für eine gesunde Menstruation inklusive Pranayama und Meditationen 
-Fruchtbarkeitsyoga und Menstruationsyoga Sequenzen 
-Yoga zur Regeneration nach einer Fehlgeburt
-Allgemeine Gesundheit, Ernährung und Lebensstilwissen, um die Fruchtbarkeit zu erhöhen

2020 Essence of Bellydance Retraining

  • Essence of BellydanceTM technique and philosophy, Pelvic Floor IntegrationTM, fundamental anatomy and dance medicine, movement analysis.

  • Special aspects: advanced Bellydance moves, stretching for improved alignment and posture, hypopressive technique, 􏰀nancial planning for dance teachers.

2019 Bachelor of arts Justus-Liebig-University

Languages, Literature & Culture
Russian, French, Portuguese

2018 Love & Partnership Workshop face reading academy

Bodylanguage and Facial Expressions Reading by Eric Standop

2018 Essence of bellydance Retraining

  • Essence of Bellydance technique and philosophy, Pelvic Floor Integration, Fundamental Anatomy and Dance Medicine, Movement Analysis 

  • Special Aspects: Marketing and Positioning for Dance Teachers,Prenatal and Postnatal care with Bellydance, Improvisation, Soulresponding

2018 CBI Birth Doula

A doula’s duty is to provide a continuous source of comfort, encouragement and support (both emotional and physical) during labor. Unlike an OB/GYN or midwife, a doula does not have medical training — she's there to serve as a soothing voice of experience, help with relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, offer advice on labor positions and more. A doula may also act as a mediator and an advocate who's there to run interference with hospital personnel, as well as translate medical terms and explain procedures. 

The CBI Birth Doula included:


  • effective communication

  • language and communication

  • active listening skills

  • reflective practice and debriefing

  • diversity & cultural humility

  • evidence-informed care and informed choice

  • grief and loss

  • perspective and recognition


  • physiology of pregnancy

  • physiology of labor

  • postpartum period

  • nutrition and exercise

  • pain in labor

  • management of labor

  • routine procedures during labor

  • cesarean and VBAC

  • introduction to lactation

  • prenatal testing and screening

Birth Doula

  • getting started as a doula

  • working with a client prenatally, including birth plans and debriefing

  • working with a client during labor – positioning, hands-on skills, complementary therapies

  • adapting your role in homebirths, cesareans, and epidurals

  • challenging births such as posterior, precipitate, and unexpected outcomes

  • working with a client postpartum

  • supporting clients in crisis

  • equipment, supplies, and documentation

  • alternative ways of working

2017 Essence of Bellydance Teacher Training

  • Essence of Bellydance by Coco Berlin technique and philosophy  

  • Pelvic Floor Integration