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with Diana & Madeleine

Wholeheartedly thank you to Silvia, who was the inspiration for our 5 months holistic fertility support. We are grateful that we had the honour to be a part of her conceiving to finally becoming naturally pregnant journey!
In this interview (german) she shares how she got pregnant with our methods combined with Bellydance, Yoni Steaming and much more. Becoming pregnant shouldn't be stressful instead it should be a very special, intimate season of your life filled with pure joy!


This is how it works:

PRIVATE Sessions  

Yoni Steaming Plan and Coaching

(1:1 Intense Support for the whole 5 Months )

LIVE Weekly Group-Online-Meetings

 Every Monday 8-9.30 pm (approximatly 90 min.)

& every Wednesday 7-8 pm 


(For your support and emotional "backbone" so to say - we won't leave you hanging! We are there for you!)


(You can join weekly from there on we start counting the 5 months)

1. Phase: Preparation
The first 4 months will be prepared with unique steaming for you considering all you may be facing with womb health wise and nutrition with Diana so your womb is physically healthy and open to receive. Sex is only allowed protected in this time. In the 1:1 session with me we will emotionally and spiritually get you fertile with working through emotional hindrances, heartache, limiting beliefs to awaken your natural fertility and openness. 

2. Phase: It's getting HOT - Conscious Conception 

In Month 5  you'll get a steaming plan from me which will be specially created for conscious concepetion as well as the best time to make love with your partner as well as what else you two can "do" 



Filled with warmheartedness and pure joy we explain to you in this video (german) how the 5 months intense support for a natural pregnancy with us will look like. 


Our Content so you Get and Stay Naturally Pregnant 


1:1 Intense Support with Madeleine

In a 1:1 session with Madeleine all emotional and spiritual blockages will be addressed and transformed which have been a hindrance for your natural fertility and ability to conceive.

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1:1 Intense Support Yoni Steaming with Diana

Diana will analyse your menstrual cycle and womb health with you and create a steaming plan for you accordingly which can change month to month depending on your unique health. If necessary daily contact is available with her. The herbs you can either get yourself or if you need help she'll be there for you as well.


Dance Yourself Fertile!

Of course we will also (belly)dance together in our weekly sessions on Monday! On top of that you get videos from Madeleine to practice your dancing outside of our sessions and you are invited to her weekly dance class on Wednesday 7-8 p which is a mixture of bellydance, fertility yoga, twerk and pelvic floor activations. PLUS as an extra invitation once a month you're invited to our Let's Get Steamy & Shimmy Online Workshop always on a Sunday monthly.

Image by Dominik Martin

Nutrition: Ayurveda and Detox

You get practical and easy 
Lifestyle Ayurveda recipes and tips for your daily life to incorporate to naturally boost your fertility in every phase of your monthly cycle. Within the first month there will also be a very effective and easy 3 day detox with releasing (Virechana), which, if needed and wanted, can be repeated.

Eine unterstützende Umarmung


Throughout the 5 months we support you 1:1 if needed outside of the weekly group sessions via chat/phone no matter the topic that lays on your heart! Well, alright, not 24/7 but surely daily in the daytime. We won't leave you alone and listen to you when unexpected difficult situations or emotions arise. We take you and your fertility journey serious.

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Weekly Group-Online-Meetings

Throughout the whole 5 months we get together LIVE once a week on Monday, 8-9.30 pm. We talk about serious topics, release stress and pressure, dance, laugh, cry, steam and are there for each other!

Weekly LIVE Group-Online-Sessions

Our weekly sessions in the group are structured in different sequences:

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Coming Together

Every week we start differently with a mindful short meditation, fascia roll, body shake, singing to regulate the nervous system and to fully "arrive"- stay curious and let yourself be surprised! 

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Topic of the Week

This topic will vary weekly. 

As a little sneak preview: naturally cycle wisdom, nutrition, abortion, miscarriage, ancient femininity & fertility rituals and more - let yourself be pleasantly surprised! 

We will also address whatever you would like to have addressed. Being seen and heard is an important part of the process and in our support over the 5 months because it really wholeheartedly matters to us. 

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20-30 min movement as well as videos from us to practice. No week will be the same here are a few examples of what you'll get: 

Warm-up, Fertility Yoga, Bellydance, Twerking-Shaking-Shimmy, Cool-down, Pelvicfloor Activation, Fascia roll exercises...

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Yoni Steaming

Camera off, music on! We steam together but "separately" everyone for 10-15 min. Afterwards we feel into our bodies and take the time out to rest with belly massages and pelvic floor relaxation techniques. 

If you're on your period you can alternatively steam your feet, face, listen to the music and just be and relax. 




Fertility & Holistic Women's Health Consultation 

❥ emotional ❥ physical ❥ spiritual 

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Peristeam Hydrotherapist &

Ayurveda Wellness Coach


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Duration in total: 5 Months.
Entry open.
Join when you want. 
We start counting the 5 months from there on.



Duration in total: 5 Months.
Entry open.
Join when you want. 
We start counting the 5 months from there on.



Duration in total: 5 Months.
Entry open.
Join when you want. 
We start counting the 5 months from there on.

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