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Celibacy & Fertility

i bet when you saw this caption you were like ..... excuse me, what ??!! 🤔🤯😳🤔 because as we all know : having (lots of) unprotected sex 👉🏼 ejaculation 👉🏼 sperm meets egg cell 👉🏼 egg cell gives permission to enter 👉🏼 pregnant if it’s the right time / the right conditions / you and your partner are fertile enough etc. etc. etc. now......if you are not making love to your partner.....if you’re staying partly away from the hell should you get pregnant then ? well, i hear you. so let me explain: when you *consciously* choose to partly stay away from sex within your partnership/marriage (or of course when you’re single wanting to only have sex with your future partner/husband or simply exploring yourself on a deeper level / religious & spiritual reasons, what have you) the sexy sensual energy within your sacral chakra and in your punani/ phallus will stimulate your «life force» and activate your mental and emotional instincts and intelligence on a different level as well as your fertility. a man’s sperm, his «life juice« will increase in quality and quantity, if he lets it circulate in his testicles and phallus without ejaculation (men are actually able to orgasm without ejaculation but that’s a post for another time) so now the next orgasm a man experiences will not only be intense & an exciting experience for him but his life juice will also, because not being released for a while, loaded with way more fast and fertile sperm compared to if he has lots of sex and masturbates. on top of that he’ll be able to get more of the things done that are of importance to him in regards of his vision & purpose. this is why men have their best performance in their profession when they don’t have sex the night before a big event with their woman and are able to just be and let themselves fall in the nurturing, peaceful presence of raw femininity. how celibacy affects positively women will be shared on my fertility program coming !

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