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Cervical mucus & Fertility

🌺 Each month in our cycle as women we go through a fertile (the building up until ovulation) and an infertile phase (between after-ovulation and the first day of menstruation)

🌺 After ovulation has taken place (on your most juiciest day - most likely you can even feel a so called «Mittelschmerz» either on your right or left Fallopian tube when one egg cell is being released) you enter the infertile phase. it is not possible to become pregnant in this part of your cycle

🌺 Most likely you notice mood swings throughout the cycle - feeling more extroverted in the fertile phase and more introverted during the infertile phase of your cycle

🌺 If you use the cervical mucus method as your choice of natural birth control be extra careful on the fertile and probably infertile phase since sperm can survive up to 7 (!!!) days (impressive right ??)

🌺 A healthy natural cycle occurs regular (-+ 2-3 days difference). the more you know your body, the more you f e e l into your womb the better you will be able to detect where you’re at and what you need

🌺 It is natural for your cervical mucus to change in wetness and consistency through the course of your cycle. the more watery and slippery it gets the closer you are to ovulation. right before and right after your period it’s completely normal that your vagina feels “dry”

🌺 Just like the moon as women we go through our phases 🌑🌒🌔🌕🌖🌘🌑 the moon doesn’t consider one phase to be better than the other - she just glows, equally stunning on each turn. why should we be any different ?

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