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Grief & Fertility

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

🥀Miscarriages. Stillbirths. Losing your child. Losing a loved One. It aches. It’s heartbreaking. It’s uncomfortable to talk about it - but it’s the most freeing. liberating. experience ever

🌹 2018: Melissa approached me after a bellydance class after everyone else was already gone.I could tell something was laying heavily on her heart. During class, even though you could tell she enjoyed the dancing, in between, when she thought no one was looking or paying attention to her, she looked extremely sad. It was her first time visiting a class of mine and her first question was if she could come again even though the class was already overbooked. Of course I said yes and then asked her what movement she liked the most and how’s she’s feeling after dancing. Her voice was getting shaky as she started telling me how she really was looking for something to light up her mood and make her feel some sort of joy and a feeling for her body again. “I’ve had 2 miscarriages within half a year” was the last thing she was able to say before she was about to break down. I sensed she was close to collapsing so I hold and hugged her. “All is well I am here for you” was the only thing I said as she cried and cried and let it all out. After a while she was able to breathe regularly and the crying stopped. We sat down and she talked her heart free from all the things and fears she was afraid to admit and tell herself yet anyone else. With every passing minute her face relaxed and she started to look more and more relieved. I told her everything I knew back then about how positively bellydance and pelvic floor workouts affect a woman’s body as well as the spiritual side of fertility. I could tell not all I said had her convinced - however she continued visiting dance class. and the pelvic floor class one hour prior.All of a sudden she stopped attending both with no explanation-but came in around 7 months later with a cute baby belly💞

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