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In-Fertility in Men

💡35-40% of couple’s infertility problems can be attributed to the man

💡nutrition has a direct and powerful impact on the potency of sperm for men

💡besides choosing to add certain vitamins and minerals it is important to remove toxins from the diet

💡decreasing or (temporarily) giving up on cigarettes/ alcohol/ weed is especially important 💡regular consumption of unnatural substances lowers the quality and quantity of sperm and it can reduce testosterone levels as well as sperm count and drastically raise the number of abnormal sperm in ejaculation

💡unhealthy and abnormal sperm can make a quick turn around though when the correct nutrients are present and toxins are reduced or eliminated

💡a trained pelvic floor helps a man to keep his phallus, erection, bladder and gut healthy and increases his stamina in and outside of the bedroom

💡overall: a healthy man with a healthy pelvic floor has healthy sperm

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