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It is not your fault. 💯 It is not your fault. 💯 It is not your fault. 💯 never was and never will be. you not being pregnant yet doesn’t mean you’ll never be. your body is NOT failing you. don’t believe the outside voices. they aren’t true. they have literally n o t h i n g to do with you. what they say is a reflection of their own fears. their own limited beliefs. it has nothing to do with you - but them. you have all the right in the world to step back, step away from the outside pressure. this time right now, you, trying to conceive with your partner: it’s your holy time. you have many ovulations and “once in a blue moon” miracles still ahead of you. your journey isn’t over, it doesn’t stop right here, right now. it’s always darkest before the dawn and you will rise back again into your power. you’re experiencing your winter season right now but your spring, your bloom, YOUR season is coming. until then you have the chance to try something new. something new to reduce the external and internal stress. something new to connect you more with YOU ❤️ so when the next emotional storm comes around you’ll withstand it with ease. so when your child goes on your last goddamn nerve whenever it comes around - you stand it with ease ☺️🌹❤️✨

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