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mother’s cake

Look at this heart- shaped placenta, also known as «mother’s cake» because it feeds the baby in the womb with everything that it needs 🥰

❤️ the umbilical cord, if not cut through after birth, naturally falls off around 3-7 days. this type of birth is called a #lotusbirth 🌺 even though the umbilical cord shouldn’t be cut right away after birth leaving it for too long may increase the risk of infections when not handled carefully.

💔 getting the #umbilicalcord cut right immediately after birth can literally shock the babies nerve & health system - from being all snuggled up in the warm, calm womb, feeling close to its mother🤰💞and connected to her suddenly there is a change in temperature 🤒 noises😵 surrounding😨 and the “connection” gone, strange hands touching it and the mother & mother’s cake being taken away😓 💔and why do they do this in the hospitals? because they mis-use the placenta for it’s #stemcells and make drugs out of it 🥴

those stem cells in the #placenta are valuable due to its “purity” and life-keeping content - nutritions that your baby NEEDS in the following hours after coming fresh out of the #womb to boost its immun system 🧬💪🏼👼

❤️A lot of new-mommy mammals actually eat the placenta which has caused a trend to eat the placenta after birth since apparently it had been linked to cure #postpartumdepression. however what actually makes more sense and helps your baby/child whenever it falls sick, is giving her/him the placenta as the natural remedy of #mothernature (you can get your placenta encapsulated) loaded with life-saving nutritions that you can’t find in nowadays medicine for babies. you as a woman, as a mother, carry Mother Nature wisdom within you...feel into it👩‍🍼💞


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