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Often so called “women issues” have their origin in their tissues

💡Very often so called “women issues” have their origin in their tissues. 🧬did you know that our whole body is made up of tissues and they are just as important to our health as our bones, muscles and organs ?

🧠the term tissue is used to describe a group of cells that are similar in structure and perform a specific function. the tissues in our body are organized into four broad categories based on structural and functional similarities. the categories are called epithelial(f.e skin) connective (f.e fat), muscle (f.e cardiac), and nervous tissues (f.e brain). the primary tissue types work together to contribute to the overall health and maintenance of the human body. thus, any disruption in the structure of a tissue can lead to injury or disease.


🍑 prevent or reverse bladder incontinence as well as fertility

🍑 they improve the health of your pelvic floor, vagina and overall health

🍑 prevent abdominal organ prolapse (if your pelvic floor tissues are weak your organs might move and can even fall out of you)

🍑 reduce and prevent (lower) back pain

🍑 boost your sensuality naturally

🍑 when intact help you to feel grounded, centered and safe within your physical and emotional body

🍑 unlock your sexual and spiritual potential as a woman

🍑 aid during pregnancy and birth

🎆 YOU WERE A TISSUE ONCE: the cells composing a tissue share a common embryonic origin. the zygote, or fertilized egg, is a single cell formed by the fusion of an egg and sperm cell. after #fertilization, the zygote gives rise many cells to form the #embryo. the first embryonic cells generated have the ability to differentiate into any type of cell in the body and, as such, are called omnipotent, meaning each has the capacity to divide, differentiate, and develop into a new organism. as cell proliferation progresses, three major cell lines are established within the embryo. each of these lines of embryonic cells forms the distinct germ layers from which all the tissues and organs of the human body eventually form. 😍😌if that isn’t a wonder how we all, YOU were made - i don’t know what is 😌😍

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