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I’ve successfully created this concept over the past months 🥰

Whether a woman desires to get pregnant, wants to feel more feminine & sensual, work on her womb health, overall body mind soul heart & spirit health or more 💖 I am a certified Essence of Bellydance Teacher, BabyBlissYoga for Fertility Instructor including IVF & other ART Treatments, Yoni Steaming V Hydrotherapist and CBI Birth Doula.

💃 I attended workshops in regards of a woman’s anatomy & physiology & pelvic floor (pre & postnatal) and for love & relationships.

💕 Since I am 21 I am consciously working on and healing myself. A lot of my time went into my own personal development and still does.

✨ I’ve always been intuitive and spiritual. the power of FAITH can move mountains and I have witnessed its power and Love in my own and other people’s life ‼️❤️ Whatever you desire... you wouldn’t have this desire if you couldn’t achieve it - whatever that may look like. trust in this unfolding... YOUR unfolding 🦋

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