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Woman's sensuality

🎁 I had a feeling that Pandora's box contained the mysteries of woman's sensuality, so different from a man's and for which man's language was so inadequate. the language of sex had yet to be invented. the language of the senses was yet to be explored 🎁 🌹

a woman’s body is a treasure map.

and a woman who is not aware of this little big secret will always get frustrated at her man, blaming him for not knowing how to find her longings.

how to find her ecstasy.

how to find her heart.

and the reason why he can’t is not because he’s not well-equipped. .

or because he’s not trying hard enough.

a man is a man.

a different body.

a different treasure map.

with different sensations.

a different "destination" than yours.

the way to find a man’s treasure is a straight route. effective. explosive.

the way to a woman’s treasure is a mystery. a whole adventure. a twisted route with unexpected plot twists.

there are no shortcuts unless you’ve found the treasure time after time after time and know it’s way by heart.

and even then you’ll find out that within the treasure are more treasures yet to explore.

and neither you nor your man will be able to get there when you feel ashamed. afraid. frustrated. resentful. not good enough. un-worthy. still thinking about what happened 2 years 1 month and 23 days ago.

there is a Pandora’s box in every woman. in every man. . and to unlock the treasure the key is not called pornography. or using what you’ve known so far to "work". . the treasure in you. in your man. in your woman. has yet to be explored. . 🌊🔥🌹❤️🏆🌅🏆❤️🌹🔥🌊

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